Advice and Perspective from Friends of UConn

We are without a doubt going through one of the most unique and stressful times in UConn’s history. With so much uncertainty out there, we have asked friends of UConn (alumni, recruiters who cultivate UConn talent, and more) to share their experience and give some advice and perspective. The result is our “Advice and Perspective from Friends of UConn” webinar series. Below is information on both upcoming and past events.

A Conversation with attorney Mike Barbarula ’12
Event Date: 5/21/2020

A Conversation with CNN reporter Fernando Alfonso, III, ’09
Event Date: 5/14/2020

Finding a Job in a Virtual Environment: Nick Wagner, Sr.
Event Date: 5/7/2020

Corporate Recruiters Talk About Internships and Jobs in this Environment
Event Date: 4/30/2020

Advice and Perspective from Friends of UConn: Matt Necci 03′
Event Date: 4/23/2020

Aaron Ryley: How I Broke Into the Professional Sports Industry, While Pursuing My Passion in Sales
Event Date: 4/03/2020