What Are You Reading?

Getting lost in a good book can be a wonderful way to pass the time, de-stress, learn about something new, or stay current on what is happening in the world. Though I tend to turn to fiction for my go-to genre, I have learned it is beneficial to go beyond my norm and challenge myself on occasion. That stated, I put together a list of my nightstand reading below (in alphabetical order, not priority); perhaps one or more will resonate with you. They are somewhat thematic, having connections to the world of work (but given what I do for a living, that makes sense.)

Quiet, Susan Cain

As an extraverted introvert, I constantly struggle with the idea of introversion. This book is a primer for both personality types, offering insight into the world of Quiet. The introduction alone pulled me right in. It is also the book of choice for my book club, so I have to read it!
Blink, Malcolm Gladwell

Not his most current, but it is on the shelf waiting for me. I thoroughly enjoyed The Tipping Point and am excited to read another. Blink addresses how we make decisions and understand people, in the first few moments we meet them.
Lean In, Sheryl Sandburg

Even my father has encouraged me to read Lean In. Knowing I often think about women and positions of leadership, so this book is an absolutely must read for me. Sandburg has created CCC Circles too, for college students.

Trajectory: 7 Career Strategies to Take You from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be, David L. Van Rooy

Read the first few chapters as part of a daily book blog that delivers samples of books to my email every day, www.DearReader.com, and was hooked.

SuperFreakonomics, Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner

I read Freakonomics and still refer back to it, for the obscure way the authors look at the world. The sequel contains more anecdotes that help us review the world a little differently. I also plan on reading the latest, Think Like a Freak.