Get Involved Education (And pre-education) Majors!

Fall semester has arrived, and as all of the education and pre-education students here at UConn return to campus, your future students are packing backpacks and boarding buses back to their classrooms. It is a time of excitement and the opportunity to embark on something new.

Let me encourage all of you to get involved in something new this year. There are hundreds of opportunities at UConn and the surrounding community to go out there and get involved. Clubs and organizations should be something you care about, and frankly, somewhere you can have fun too! Beyond that, clubs and organizations give you the opportunity to develop vital skills for the workplace. Interested in a full list of clubs? Check out what’s available at UConn.

For education students, activities can also be a vital opportunity to start developing skills you will need in the classroom. Why not try out being a tutor with America Reads, or engage young students with JumpStart, or volunteer with any number of local tutoring programs. No car, no problem! The Community Outreach office facilitates transportation and connection with many of these opportunities.

The bottom line is this, as you think about your upcoming year, look for opportunities that help you learn, grow as a future professional, and advance you toward your future goals. UConn is a community full of opportunity; take advantage of this concentration of resources and find those things that speak to you. I guarantee it will help you get to where you want to go.

-Mike Petro, Assistant Director, Internal Relations