Dispensing Drugs Legally – What is a Pharmacist?

Do you have the skill sets for a career in pharmacy? It can be rewarding and fulfilling for those interested in science, health care, and patient services. Graduates of a pharmacy program have a solid knowledge of chemistry and biology, as well as medical terminology. Pharmacists can be found in hospitals, retail stores and research centers, to name a few common environments. A pharmacist may conduct research to discover a new treatment for an illness or go into sales, encouraging medical professionals to use a certain prescribed drug. Many pharmacists though, choose to work in a setting where they interact with people who need medicine. Skills used by successful pharmacists range from patience, problem solving, and listening, to time management and organization. At UConn, students enrolled in the Pharmacy program, will be pursuing a Doctor of Pharmacy. If accepted as an undergraduate, students join this prestigious program in their junior year and finish four years later. Upon completion of school, many students continue on for residencies and fellowships, while others elect to go directly into their full-time work.

Here are some interesting and perhaps less known facts about pharmacy:

If you would like to discuss Pharmacy as a major and/or career, stop by the Center for Career Development during our walk-in hours of Monday-Friday, 12 p.m. – 4 p.m. to start the conversation. Our staff can provide some resources to aid you in your decision making process.

– Beth Settje, Senior Assistant Director, Internship & Co-op Programs