Services for STEM Majors

Hi Everyone! My name is Georgina Appiah-Pippim, I am a senior Physiology and Neurobiology major and a Career Intern at the Center for Career Development (CCD). I have been working at the CCD for the last two years, and I really enjoy working with students on their résumés and other professional endeavors. This blog is about the services we have at the CCD for STEM majors, many of which I have used multiple times in my undergraduate career.

The first stop for most students who visit our office is résumé critique. A strong, well-developed résumé will help you get those competitive scholarships, internships, and research positions. If you are unsure about what opportunities are available for your major, meeting with a Career Counselor will give you a better idea of what employers in your field are looking for. These Career Counselors also proofread personal statements for those of you who will be applying to graduate and professional schools (medical, nursing, dental, PA, PT). Our practice interview sessions are tailored to the field you are in and the position you are applying for.

To summarize, the CCD is here to help all students in all majors through every step of their career development. I only outlined a short list of our services but I encourage you all to come into our office and learn even more about how we can support you. That’s it for now! Thank you for reading.

-Georgina AP.