How To Write Professional Emails… Like A Boss!

PLZ avoid text writing. FYI: Ur 2 good 4 that.

Write out each word and avoid typos and spelling errors. This may seem obvious, but it happens a lot, so make sure to proofread!

Make sure you’re using appropriate formality.

Writing “Hey, what’s up?” as your greeting to the CEO of the company you’re applying to is never a good idea. You can start with “Hi (insert name her) if it is a less formal email, but for more formal emails you should consider starting with “Dear (insert name here)” or “To Whom It May Concern”

“Subject: Something Informative!”

You never want to have a vague subject line that doesn’t express why you are emailing the person/company. Your subject line should be the main point of your email such as, “Meeting tonight at 8” or “Leadership Development Application.”

Always introduce yourself!

Whether you’re applying for a specific position or emailing your professor, make sure you specify the position or the class you are in, so the reader knows who they are talking to.

Get to the point of the email, while still ensuring a pleasant tone.

An email saying “I can’t find your application” probably won’t have as good of a response as “Good morning, I’ve looked on your website, but I cant seem to find the application for (position name). Could you please direct me to this application? Thank you!”

The Center for Career Development will be hosting an event called “Professional Writing for the Job Search” that will get into further details about writing an email. These two events will be on September 16th from 5-6 p.m. and on November 12th from 6-7 p.m.

– Sara Zuckerman