Your Summer Internship Starts Now!

Are you planning on pursuing an internship next summer? Many prestigious programs have their deadlines during the fall semester, especially those in government, financial services, accounting, and law fields. These internships are highly sought after, so the Center for Career Development recommends starting your search now. Here is a list of steps you can take to secure an awesome summer internship.

  1. Visit the Center for Career Development and talk to a career counselor about your interests and goals for next summer’s internship.
  2. Start your search early – make a list of companies and agencies you are interested in and thoroughly research their internship programs. Make an accurate list of application deadlines so that you won’t miss one during the busy fall semester.
  3. Create or update your professional résumé and have it reviewed by the Center for Career Development – you’ll want to show the skills you possess that make you a #1 candidate for these coveted positions.
  4. Visit the Career Fair on Thursday, October 2, 2014 11:00 am – 3:00 pm at Gampel Pavilion – dress to impress and learn more about companies in the area that may offer potential summer internships.
  5. Continue your search through the winter and into the spring – many new and important opportunities will come up that you will not want to miss. Make sure to check HuskyCareerLink frequently for updates and new postings.

For more information and help with your summer internship search, visit:

or talk to a Career Counselor at the Center for Career Development in Wilbur Cross Room 201 in a 15-minute walk-in appointment. Visit our Résumé Critique hours Monday – Friday 10am – 5PM in Wilbur Cross Room 201. Call 860-486-3013 for more information.

By Allison Battista