Who’s on Your Job Search Team?

Too often I see people embark on the job search process alone, but there’s nothing that states that the job search process should be a solo endeavor. People have teams to help them do everything, like learn to run a 5K, to get ready on their wedding day, to prepare for licensure exams, to scale tall mountains, so why not assemble a job search team?

Identify 4-6 people who you view as successful and from whom you feel you can learn. Perhaps one person is really good at networking and he or she can help you to expand that part of your job search strategy. You might have a classmate who has a strong LinkedIn profile and he can share advice on how to strengthen yours. Maybe a friend of the family is very tied to the community and you also recall that your advisor has casually offered to provide you with names of people with whom you could do informational interviews. Before you know it you will have assembled your job search team.

All the data indicate that getting a job is not as much about finding a posting and applying as it is about being connected with others and networking. When you have a job search team you have an expanded network of people who are invested in you and who are resources when you have questions or need advice. Your team members enjoy their role because it just plain feels good to help others. Celebrate your successes with your team, feed them from time-to-time, and you will likely develop more than just a job search team.

To learn more about the value of networking to your job search read:  http://careers.socialworkers.org/documents/networking.pdf

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By Kay Kimball Gruder
Kay Kimball Gruder Assistant Director of Graduate Student Career Programs and Services