Playing Dress Up

I ran my own babysitting business during high school. I felt like I had a lot of responsibility as a 15 year old and then definitely enjoyed when the kids would go to bed and I would find some delicious snacks and get to watch some cable TV, both of those items were lacking at my own home. One of my favorite girls to babysit loved playing dress up and would rarely stay in the same outfit. It was a treat for her to dress herself and pick out here own outfits. She did not have to worry about matching, “weather wear,” or the occasion she would be attending in that outfit. Boy how I wish dressing up could be that simple now!

I was terrible at matching, still am somewhat. I often send photos to my mom or Face Time a friend to make sure things do not look too terrible. Fortunately during my undergrad I was working for a women’s basketball team and comfy clothes, sweats and t-shirts were more than acceptable! Mainly acceptable because the setting where my work was taking place was the gym and other various athletic facilities and offices. My wardrobe certainly had to change and so did my mindset as I began searching for jobs and a career after college.

Searching for what comes next after college can be extremely terrifying. But I had a chance to have a conversation with one of my mentors about how important first impressions are. First impressions from “head to toe” more specifically. It is not just the knowledge you have in your head, but how you look and act. You want recruiters to remember you and for that to be a positive memory! With that being said and the Career Fair coming up, I thought maybe I would highlight some key things that would be good to remember or something maybe you did not know! Here are some tips for your attire:

Solid color, conservative suit, coordinated blouse or button down, professional shoes, limited jewelry, neat hairstyle, light on the makeup and perfume/cologne, and carry a portfolio or briefcase with you.

Hope these tips can help you! If you are a visual learner like me, take a look at these two pictures that show what to wear and what not to wear. And of course after all is said and done, give yourself a break, go play dress up and have some fun!

What To Wear

What Not To Wear

By Helen Schafer
Helen Schafer Coordinator for Outreach and Programming Graduate Assistant