Make Your Internship Work for You—Get It on Your Transcript

Completing an internship should be a mutually beneficial relationship. You fill an important niche in the day-to-day operations of the company while developing critical skills, expanding your network, and learning about the industry. But there is another way that you can make your internship work for you- by getting it on your transcript.

If you are interested in having your internship experience on your transcript, you have three options. First, you should pursue credit through your major. Many majors offer an internship course, which allows you to earn between one and six credits for your work. The number of credits earned will be determined by you and your internship advisor, depending on the amount of internship hours and supplementary academic work completed towards the internship course. Find out if your major has an internship course, as well as who to contact if interested in receiving credit.

Not all majors offer an internship course. But that does not mean that you cannot earn credit for your internship! The Center for Career Development offers a one-credit supervised internship experience, UNIV 1991, for those who cannot receive credit through their academic department. The UNIV 1991 option involves weekly assignments (ex. activity reports about internship, brief reading assignments) and three group meetings throughout the semester. The final meeting will be a résumé workshop to help you showcase your internship experience on your résumé. Read more about the one-credit option.

Having an internship alongside academic classes and campus involvement can put strains on your time. For students who feel that they are not able to commit to internship-related coursework, the Center for Career Development also offers a zero-credit option, UNIV 1981, which allows you to have your internship on your transcript without weekly assignments and group meetings. There are some minimum requirements that your internship must meet in order to qualify for the zero-credit option.

All students who complete internships during their time at UConn are encouraged to pursue one of these options. Having your internship on your transcript is a great way to show future employers that you have demonstrated workplace experience that complements your academic record. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Center for Career Development Internship & Co-op team at

-Natalie Vieira