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Source: Peace Corps

Source: Peace Corps

In this day and age of giving back, community service and global impact, it is almost impossible for someone not to have heard of the Peace Corp. The Peace Corp was formed in 1961 and has been working to benefit people and communities around the world ever since.  The mission of the Peace Corp is to “promote world peace and friendship,” a key focus which has been in place for over 50 years.  So if you are interested in helping support this mission, want to make an impact and have an adventure, how do you get involved?

There are a variety of ways to get involved with the Peace Corp. The most popular and traditional role that members take is as a ‘Peace Corp Volunteer.’ As a Peace Corp Volunteer, you serve abroad for two years (plus additional training) working with communities around the world on programs in a variety of areas including education, health, youth in development, environment, community economic development or agriculture.   In addition to the traditional roles that Peace Corp Volunteers hold, the Peace Corp also offers a variety of programs for different life styles. ‘Peace Corp Response’ assignments focus on high impact short term assignments for professionals with 10 years of work experience. ‘Global Health Service Partnership’ programs are one year assignments in which medical and nursing professionals work with schools abroad to train the next generation of health-care professionals.  ‘Graduate Programs for Volunteers’ are integrated programs in which volunteers can combine their service with an advanced degree.

So if you have found the program that best fits you, you will be glad to hear that as of July 2014 there is an updated application process! Applications are now faster, simpler and more personalized – applicants will now be able to choose their preference for country and preferred programs.  While applicants are still encouraged to submit applications nine months to a year in advance of when they plan to depart, turnaround times for responses are much faster.

For more information about the Peace Corp stop by the Student Union on October 15th from 11am-1 pm to speak with a former Peace Corp Volunteers. Feel free to attend the Peace Corp Information Session in the evening of October 15th as well from 6-7pm in Oak 106. In the meantime check out their website today or begin your application today!

By Erin Jouliot
Erin Jouliot Careers for the Common Good (CCG) Graduate Assistant Erin Jouliot