Alternative Careers in Nursing

We are all familiar with what a nurse does and the various places someone may employ a nurse. We also know that nurses can work in various settings. Even within those settings, nurses are aware that they can be a specialist or generalist. What we haven’t given much thought about how nursing education and experience can be combined with so many other occupations!
Two of the most fascinating occupations to me are Informatics Nursing and Nurse Attorney. I would have never thought that two very diverse areas of study such as computer science and law would be able to be paired up with nursing.
According to “The Campaign for Nursing’s Future” created by Johnson & Johnson, a nurse informaticist is a nurses that interpret and communicate vital medical data flowing in and out of doctors’ offices, hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities. They are nurses that have a background or additional degree in computer science or information technology. These nurses also can train other nurses on software specific to the healthcare industry. Being a legal nurse consultant can mean that you are the medical consultant of a legal team who helps interpret medical data or health related topics. If you choose to go on to law school possible application with nursing may be a career in hospital administration or being a lawyer specializing in representing clients in medical malpractice cases or lawsuits.
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By Laura Evangelista
Laura Evangelista Assistant Director for Curriculum Design and Pre-Professional Advising Laura Evangelista