What can I do as a Psych Major?

Social sciences are among the most studied majors in colleges. Common ones you will see or hear about are Sociology, Political Science, or Psychology. Like me, many of you probably have chosen to study Psychology as an undergraduate but now that you have, you have no idea what to do with it.

To begin with, it’s really important to stay calm. Nearing upperclassman status or graduating can be a really anxious and stressful time. You can’t figure anything out if you’re so scatterbrained you can’t even decide on whether to order wings or pizza for dinner. Take a breath, take a step back, and come back to this when you aren’t ready to blow.

In the end I decided to study Human Resources, but this decisions came after 2 years of interactions and soul-searching in a variety of environments. In the beginning, I came to UConn interested in Abnormal Psychology with a focus in clinical research. I choose my beginning courses and continued along my merry way until I got involved with a volunteer organization. During my time there, I was exposed to many new experiences, including what it was like to work in Human Resources. From there, I looked for a professional opportunity to further develop my understanding and skills in this area which is how I ended up as an intern at the Center for Career Development. Taking advantage of my access to the career counselors, I relentlessly pursued professional development and opportunities that would provide me with the exposure I desired. Utilizing HuskyCareerLink, the career counselors, and a club on campus, I was able to obtain an internship and Co-Op with UTC – Aerospace.

Summed below are some steps that I took look at my options for the future:

  1. Speak with one of the career counselors at the Center for Career Development
  2. Google is your friend
  3. Join a club or two related to or in your field of interest
  4. Search on HuskyCareerLink or other large job sites with key words to expand your exposure to the different types of jobs available

Each one of these options can provide you with a wealth of information on prospective paths as well as resources you can utilize during your search.

 -William Burk, Career Intern