A Crucial Step to Your Job Search

Searching for a job can be a very stressful process. You have to do your research on the company and job you are applying for. Once you have applied you wait to see if you received an interview. Once landing an interview then you’ll end up prepping for that interview, possibly even getting yourself a new outfit. However, there is one crucial piece to the job search that cannot be overlooked. It comes before the new outfit and interview. Before the research on a company and applying for a job. One of the most important parts in the job search is your resume.

This is one of the most important parts because your resume sets you apart from all of the other applicants. This is your very first impression to your potential employer. The employers will look at your resume and then decide if they will be giving you an opportunity to interview or not. This document may be the only shot you have and that is why we want to make sure you have a clear, concise, well-structured and error free resume.

The resume is an ongoing and updated document that helps highlight your past experiences and the various skills that you have utilized and acquired during previous experiences. These previous experiences range from your education to work experience, internships and even clubs and organizations you were apart of. And those aren’t even all of the parts you can include on your resume!

A resume gives you an opportunity to highlight yourself and show a future employer what you can bring to their company. This is not a list of your previous history but rather an organized document. Through your bullet points you can answer what it was you did, how you went about doing this and why this was important. This allows you to develop bullets that will highlight your skills. However, bullets and developing those bullets can be one of the most difficult and frustrating parts of the resume. If you put the time in now with our bullets this will only increase your chances of landing a job.

Here at the Center for Career Development (CCD) we want to be a resource for you to utilize. We offer resume critiques Monday-Friday from 10am-5pm. These are walk in 20 minute appointments where your resume will be critiqued on all areas from your format to the content in your bullet statements. Also we have an opportunity for you! Thursday, October 23, 2014 we will be having a 50 minute presentation on “Writing an Effective Resume.” From 6pm-7pm in Laurel Hall room 301. This is an awesome way to better understand what a resume is, why it is important to have one and help answer any questions you may have. Take advantage of these opportunities! I promise that you won’t regret this later on as you have a strong resume for your career!



By Helen Schafer
Helen Schafer Coordinator for Outreach and Programming Graduate Assistant Helen Schafer