Student Success Story: Katherine Tully

Katherine Tully

Major/Minor: Dual-Degree in Communication and Business with a concentration in Finance

Class Standing: Sophomore

What made you decide to be a Business major?

I feel Business is a major that is really applicable in everyday life. Finance I find particularly interesting because my cousin is in finance and it peaked my interest. I also took a variety of Business classes in high school and really enjoyed those.

What was the application process/criteria for eligibility for the School of Business?

The application process was relatively easy; I just needed to fill out an online application. The criteria I needed to meet was a bit more extensive. I needed to have completed, or be in progress of completing, 7 critical classes for the School of Business, made significant progress in completing my general education requirements, completed at least 54 credits, and have a minimum GPA of 3.4.

What are the requirements/academic standards for the School of Business?

I need to maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0, and take several required courses.

What are some of your duties as a Resident Assistant?

As a RA I need to focus on building community, coordinating learning and development opportunities, maintaining university policies, being a source of support and resource to my residents, and attend weekly meetings.

What was the process to become a Resident Assistant like?

First, I had to submit an initial application showing my interest and eligibility and write an essay, then based on my essay I was invited for an interview and was ultimately selected for the position.

Did you need to go through any training?

We had a two-week training program that started on August 10th and went until the first day of classes.

Have you had any other jobs/involvements on campus?

I’ve been involved in Finance Society, Campus Connections, and Campus Big Buddies to name a few.

How do you find free time?

Time management. Things can get really hectic and it can be hard to find a good balance sometimes, but I’m always making sure I’m prioritizing and staying focused on my academics while still giving myself enough time for my family, friends, and extra-curricular obligations.

What are your future career plans?

As it stands right now, my current plans are to find an internship that will help me figure out what in finance I want to specifically go into. As a sophomore, I haven’t yet been able to take many major specific classes, but I’m finding my way.

Any advice you can give to your fellow students?

Be involved on campus early on. Building a network is really important, so make connections, try new things, and really put yourself out there. I’m always trying to meet new people and make sure I’m not shying away from new opportunities.