Tweet Your Way to an Internship or Career

We live in the age of technology and social media – everyone has access to the latest news, the newest status updates of their favorite celebrities and friends, and the hottest trends and fads across the world. Many people don’t consider social media a major part of the career search, but in fact it can help you land your dream job – if you use it correctly.

When most people think about an online presence in the job world, LinkedIn comes to mind – it is a “professional Facebook” that allows you to connect with alumni, employers, and companies to build relationships and network with people in a specific field of interest. However, it’s important to remember that Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are also valuable tools to explore companies and learn about potential opportunities.

In my own personal experience, Facebook helped me land my current internship at UConn’s Center for Career Development. I had been looking for an opportunity in the 2014–2015 school year to gain experience in higher education, but I had no idea where to look. When I was a freshman, I was instructed to follow a few UConn departments (I followed The Honors Program, The Center for Career Development, and the Women’s Center) to learn about presentations they offer throughout the year. So last year, as I was desperately (and unsuccessfully) searching for that perfect opportunity, the Center for Career Development posted that they were in search of students for their internship program – it was the perfect fit for me! I would have never discovered this experience if I had not connected to their page on Facebook.

I also recently read an article about a student who tweeted at a company that made her favorite brand of coffee – and landed an interview within a week. I suggest you all follow your favorite companies and departments on different platforms of social media to learn about them and hear about hidden internship and job opportunities!

All this excitement about using social media to land your dream job is great, but it is equally important to remember to keep your media presence professional and appropriate – that company that you just tweeted at may be interested at first, but when they see that picture of you at a party or the beach with a drink in your hand, they may lose their enthusiasm. Keep it clean and present yourself in the best possible way.

In the age of technology, sometimes the traditional job hunt can leave you frustrated and out of luck. Take advantage of everything social media can do for you! Career Consultants offer LinkedIn assistance for those who need help developing an established online profile. Come in for a walk-in appointment Monday – Friday 12pm – 4pm in Wilbur Cross Room 202.

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