Getting Ready for Spring On Campus Interviewing

On Campus Interviewing (OCI) – what exactly is that? Some of the top employers that recruit here at UConn actually come to campus to conduct first round interviews to make it more convenient for you. The OCI for the Fall semester is winding down so it is time to get prepared for the spring semester.

Whether you are looking for an internship or a full-time position there will be employers here in the Spring to interview for both. Most interviews are scheduled through HuskyCareerLink, the Center for Career Development (CCD) online job posting system, and every matriculated student already has an account.  Please be sure all information in your account is correct.

To view the employers coming to campus for OCI, go to your home page under Shortcuts and click on “Campus Interviews I Qualify For” and a list of scheduled interview dates will come up. Please read the job description thoroughly and research the company to be sure you are truly interested in applying for the position. The employer collects the resumes for a period of time and usually makes a selection about a week before the scheduled interview date. If you have been selected for an interview on your homepage you will see a “sign up for an interview link” under “News Feed” and you will be able to choose the time that best works for your schedule. Please be sure that you be sure you take note of where the interview will take place as it may be in one of several different locations on campus.

The Spring interviews will start to show in HuskyCareerLink in mid – November and continue through the beginning of the Spring semester so you have plenty of time to come to the CCD office for a resume critique and a practice interview. Looking forward to seeing you in the waiting room in professional attire, and ready for success.

By Darlene Reynolds
Darlene Reynolds Assessment & Technology Coordinator