It’s never too early to start thinking about your career

Over the past few weeks I’ve presented to numerous FYE groups about creating a college resume. Without fail students have asked me, “Do I really need to start this now? I have four years!” or “Why do I need to think about internships? I just got to UConn.” Well, as a senior I can tell you it is important to start thinking about your career and planning your path. I have many friends who never gave it a second thought until now and many of them have decided not to go with Plan A, i.e. Med School, Law School etc. and they have not thought about entering the workforce. Many of seniors have been coming to me asking how to create a resume or where they should start looking for jobs and as many seniors can attest, it can be scary not knowing what to do next and not being prepared.

But do not fear! The Center for Career Development is here to help. We offer services for all majors and years. Whether you are a freshman just starting out or a senior deciding what to do next, we can guide you in the process. Definitely utilizing our resume critique, practice interview and cover letter critiques services. We also offer walk in appointments with career consultants who are experts in the field of career development. They help students with a wide range of issues such as what major fits best with your interest and how to find an internship or even how to find the perfect job to kick-off your career.

So freshman, I know it may seem unnecessary and very far off but definitely start your career planning now so that come senior year you will be confident and prepared!