How much will you make at your first job?

Whether you’re just beginning college, gearing up for a job search, or are already employed, the NACE Salary Calculator is an amazing resource to use, and can be easily accessed via HuskyCareerLink. After entering in a few bits of information, it tells you the range of salary and your predicted salary. The NACE Salary Calculator gives you a much more realistic idea of your potential salary since it factors in information such as geographic location, education level, and GPA. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Log in to HuskyCareerLink using your NetID and password
  2. Under “Shortcuts”, click “Document Library.” (You can also access it by hovering over “Resources” and clicking on “Document Library”)
  3. Click on “NACE Salary Calculator”
  4. Complete the form for the occupation you are researching. If you do not know the exact title of a certain occupation, click on “Click here for occupation details” and browse titles and their description under Occupational Categories from O*NET (another incredibly informative resource to use!).
  5. Click “Submit Query” and check out the results! You can re-do the form as many times as you like to explore different options. For example, you can keep all of the information the same except for the region within the state to see how salary changes across geographic locations.

Using this salary calculator can give you a good picture of what you can expect to earn in any given occupation, and coupled with the other services the Center for Career Development offers it is a valuable tool in your job search!