Why Disney World is making me think about interviewing

The cold weather is upon us. Having just returned from warm Disney World, it feels as though it’s January after walking around in 80 degree weather for the past week. While I was in this magical place, the career professional in me could not help but think about the variety of roles and careers that exist at Disney. I’m not suggesting that we all go and work there as it’s not for everyone, but it was interesting to see and hear the backgrounds of Disney cast members. Many cast members majored in fine arts while they were in college and some are interning there right now as they complete degrees in acting, design and tech, and music to name just a few. Other cast members had majors within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences or perhaps Business. There was such a variety of cultures, educational backgrounds, and perspectives, but there is one thing they all have in common (more than one thing I’m sure) – they all had to interview or audition for their Disney internships and jobs.

So, if you’ve never been in an interview or an audition, or have been confronted with the question “Tell me about Yourself,” now is a great time to think about preparing to market yourself for that possible internship interview or the job search that is not so far away. Consider scheduling a Practice Interview with us at The Center for Career Development. We will customize your interview to the position you are seeking. If graduate school is an option, we can help you in preparing for those interviews as well. Slots fill up quickly so I encourage you to make an appointment now. For a quick “how to” to begin preparing for interviews, check out these 12 Tips for Researching a Company Before the Interview.

By Jennifer Grunwald
Jennifer Grunwald Career Consultant, School of Fine Arts Profile Picture