What can I do with my CLAS Major?

One of the many benefits of studying a CLAS major that you’re passionate about is that you have a world of career opportunities available to you. And while not having one specific career path connected to your major can be nerve-wracking, it can also be very freeing. Choosing a major in CLAS isn’t about picking what you will do for the rest of your life, it’s about choosing to study something you love, that teaches skills you want to learn. What really counts in preparing for a specific career is how you support your academics with activities, part-time jobs, internships, and volunteer work outside of the classroom.

Our newly updated What Can I do with my Major (WCIDWMM) pages, include a wealth of resources to help you consider careers where you can apply the skills learned from your major. On each WCIDWMM page you can read about the nature of work in related fields, UConn resources to get involved with, sample job titles, and professional associations connected to that major. These pages can be a great starting point to start thinking about your career options. Keep in mind these sample job titles are just a starting point, and not your only options. After reviewing these resources come in for a walk in with a career consultant to figure out the next steps in your exploration.

By Emily Merritt
Emily Merritt Career Consultant, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Emily Merritt