Résumé Tips for Your Winter Break

As classes are coming to an end and the university is turning into a winter wonderland, both from decorative lights and the cold weather, we know that the holidays and winter break are on your mind. As you’re making your end of the year to do list, studying for finals and getting excited about what new Netflix series you will be able to veg out on during your time off, I encourage you to also perhaps make a short list of things to accomplish that does not include locking yourself in a dark room in your sweat pants surrounded by tons of snacks and little to no human interaction.

On your short list of things to accomplish this winter break updating your résumé should be at the top of your list. Spend a short period of time each day or even a long period of time for a couple of days working on the structure and your bullet points. We like to think of your résumé as a planning document and if you plan on applying for an internship or job for the summer you will need to make sure your résumé is ready to go. Here are five résumé tips for your winter break!

  1. Take a look at your résumé and see if there is anything missing. Perhaps you can find a seasonal job for more work experience or you can do a job shadow. Maybe even look at area conferences that would be great opportunities for you to professionally develop and work on your networking.
  2. Since there is a lot of time during winter break I encourage you to reach out to family members, teachers, mentors or friends to see if one or two of them would be willing to look at your résumé and tell you their thoughts and if they have any suggestions.
  3. Take time to develop your bullet points and make sure that each statement addresses what, how and why you performed specific tasks.
  4. Check out LinkedIn and continue building your profile and connecting with others.
  5. Spend some time rekindling old relationships. I am not referring to that cutie from camp in 6th grade or that Tinder match you made last week. What I am talking about is taking some time to reach out to previous professors and employers and let them know what you are up to and be engaged in finding out how they are doing. You never know if an old connection can lead to future career opportunities.

Safe travels to wherever you are going this winter break! We look forward to seeing you all back on campus in January!

By Helen Schafer
Helen Schafer Coordinator for Outreach and Programming Graduate Assistant