But First Let Me Take A Selfie


There are many ways for us to document our lives. Some people take to social media and post about their successes, friends, fun nights out and of course the selfie. Friends and family flock to see what is new with you and what you are up to. As fun as social media can be, you are unlikely to get many job opportunities based on how many likes your recent selfie got. In fact, some things you put on social media could actually result in you not receiving those job and interview opportunities.

Don’t worry though! There is this cool tool you can use. It is actually kind of old school in the sense that you don’t need a smart phone to access it! This great tool for you is called a résumé and can work just like your social media websites as far as bragging about yourself, what you have accomplished and show other great things you done. Just like the selfie, you pick your angle and how you want to look. What is the best “filter” for you to use. (And no I am not suggesting you pull a Reese Witherspoon from Legally Blonde and print your résumé on pink paper). But by “filter” I mean the format you use.

Do you think your résumé represents you and your experiences better than your latest selfie?! If not, why don’t you come on by the Center for Career Development located in Wilbur Cross 201 and meet with someone to get your résumé reviewed? We would love to see what you have done and help you get just as many “likes” on your résumé as you do on social media.

Photo Credit: http://hellogiggles.com/twerk-and-other-additions-to-the-online-oxford-dictionary/selfie-hg

By Helen Schafer
Helen Schafer Coordinator for Outreach and Programming Graduate Assistant Helen Schafer