Introducing Evisors – 24/7 Access to Career Webinars!


What is Evisors? In terms that most people can relate to, it’s kind of like YouTube for Career Development. The only difference being that instead of getting endless amounts of videos on all kinds of topics, delivered by all kinds of people, with Evisors you can guarantee the content and delivery is both accurate and professional. Evisors is a comprehensive and up to date library of industry-specific career insights from dynamic thought leaders and leading practitioners. The webinar library features over 150 recordings that cover Career Overviews, Deep Dives, and Panel Discussions.

Take advantage of 24-hour access to Evisors. Parents, professors or others might encourage you to “get a good night’s sleep” or say “you need your rest” in order to be successful. I’m not saying they’re wrong but we all know that college students are up all hours of the night regardless, both studying and enjoying themselves. After all, having the freedom to make these kinds of decisions is what college is all about. That is exactly why the Center for Career Development is offering you Evisors, giving you the freedom to decide when you access important career and professional development content.

You’re already watching videos on the internet. You watch videos on your computer, laptop, phone, iPod, iPad, Tablet, Kindle… and I could go on… and on… So why not use those devices to get in a few extra minutes of learning instead of viewing Gangnam Style for the 100th time? Evisors is easily accessed by going to, selecting a video and entering your UConn email address.

Isn’t it really just all about me anyway!? Although I value others and do think it’s important to consider them, we all benefit from some “me-focused” time every once in a while. I recommend you take some of that “me-focused” time and spend it on Evisors where you can access content that is specific to your field of study, career interest or career stage. Search through the video library to access webinars that address your specific questions and needs.

To summarize, check out Evisors, a new 24-hour career resource offered to you by the Center for Career Development!

By Lee Hameroff
Lee Hameroff Associate Director, Operations Lee Hameroff