Make The Most of A Snow Day

Blizzard Juno brought us an early release, a full snow day, and a late start this week. While we may not get a storm like that again this season, we can certainly bet on a few more snow days in the upcoming months. So how can student utilize this free time to continue with their career development efforts? Here are five ways you can get a head start on while you are sipping on your hot cocoa.

  1. Update your résumé: Since your résumé is a living document, it always needs updating and retouching. Think about anything you got involved with this semester that needs to be added. Did you make Dean’s List last semester? Did you volunteer or have an internship over winter break that should be added? Be sure to get your résumé critiqued after you have updated it at the Center for Career Development!
  2. Research summer opportunities: Researching takes a lot more time than we think, so you should take advantage of this full day off to complete the research needed for a possible summer job or internship you may be interested in. This is a good time to start or continue the intensive research into graduate schools, as those are time-consuming as well!
  3. Perfect your LinkedIn: Updating your LinkedIn is something students always put to the back burner in terms of our priorities list. Take this opportunity to spend an hour or two updating your work experience, maybe upload some examples of your work, and begin networking! Or, if you do not yet have an account, make one!
  4. Conduct Virtual Practice Interviews

Most importantly, stay safe and stay warm! Happy snow day!

By Alyssa Rametta