Is “Winter” a Four-Letter Word?? Have hope for springtime and your future!

It is February and here in New England the UConn campuses find themselves encircled in a snow globe world.  If we believe an ear-biting groundhog, we have another six weeks of winter.  Does that statement make you want reach for a snowboard or wrap yourself in denial?

A glance out the window offers a view of two types of individuals … those who walk into the snowflakes with their heads titled back fully enthralled with the world of winter and those who unsuccessfully try to fold into themselves in an effort to hold on long enough for the winds to change and springtime to return.

These types of polar emotions are similar to those experienced by students who are contemplating their job search and their future.  Some students are fully engaged in career development and campus recruiting.  These are the students who have a sense of hope about them as they discuss networking, interviewing and job offers.

There are also students who feel discouraged and frustrated by the emotions that come from searching for a job.   If you are among the latter group, have hope!  While you may feel that everyone else knows some secret formula, is more successful or is better at job search, I am here to tell you that no one is born with these skills … or else the world would not need career counselors!

Please know that it is never too late to Start Something.  We have resources here on campus for every level of job search.  One of the benefits of being an UConn student is that you do not have to walk this path alone.

Lao Tzu may not have been talking about career development when he understood that the “journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” but his wisdom is relevant here.  Start Something means just that.  Start a dream, a conversation, or a visit with a career counselor.  When you recognize that it is never too late to get started on your career path, the journey is less daunting.

Freshman, Sophomore, Junior or Senior – these are not the roles that define your job search.  Instead think of where you are in your own search and begin there.   No one else can take that first step for you but as a member of the UConn family, you have fellow students, staff, faculty and alumni who are all eager to help you succeed.

It just takes one step, but for the next six weeks keep those boots on!

“Start Something” is a semester long platform sponsored by the School of Business Undergrad Career Development Office.