Preparing for the Neag Admissions Interview

It is that time of the year again, where students on campus have been offered interview admissions to the Neag IB/M program. If you have been offered one, congratulations! This post should offer you a few quick pointers to help settle your nerves and get you ready for your interview.

Let’s start with some basics to help you get ready. First off, do your research. Use the vast amount of data available to you on the internet to research current trends in education, legislation, and other news surrounding education. Be prepared to have thoughts to share about the profession as a whole. Also, be familiar with the subject area(s) you want to teach. Teaching is a profession and you can take make a strong first impression on what kind of professional you will be by coming prepared to the interview.

In addition to doing some research, start thinking about your experiences where you gained skills that will serve you as a future teacher? Did you work as a lifeguard or a camp counselor, did you tutor or volunteer with America Reads? What did you learn there? What skills did you demonstrate? Practice aloud how you would talk about your experiences and why they are important. Practice will calm your nerves and make you as prepared as you can be for the interview.

For a few last pointers on how to settle your nerves, we can look to a few simple techniques. First, lay out your clothes the day before and know where you are going for the interview. Plan to get to the interview 10 minutes early, this will allow you to get acclimated and relax. When you get into the room, introduce yourself to your peers who are interviewing with you and with the interviewers. Familiarity will increase your comfort level. Lastly, breathe. It sounds simple, but take a deep breath and be you. The best interviews are professional conversations. You have a great opportunity to share who you are and why you want to pursue the teaching profession. Embrace the experience! Good luck!

By Michael Petro
Michael Petro Assistant Director, Internal Relations Michael Petro