How to Arouse the Ardent Worker in You with the Career You Love

I Love My Job

Professor Gallup conducted a research to find out how many workers around the world actually love or “feel passionate about” their jobs. According to his research , only 13% of the sample felt “actively engaged” in their work and had “a deep passion for it.” Surprisingly, or maybe not so surprisingly, there is a very low percentage of workers who actually love the job they do.

The world is filled with employees who are there to offer their services in return for some greenbacks. However, not everyone loves the job they do, or feels completely involved in it. This gives employers a very good reason to pick only those who are actually passionate about their work instead of someone who’s in it for the cash.

To land your dream job, you have to make the dive and swim your way through to the shore of safety. Start by making a checklist before you do so – because there are plenty of sharks to stop you from reaching your destination.

  1. Ask yourself where you want to land: Do you know what you are most passionate about? What is it that you always wanted to do, but failed to realize it while selecting your current career? What are you exceptionally good at that you would love to make a career? Asking yourself these questions will allow you to understand the first answer to the most important question: What is it that you want to be?
  1. Seek An Advisor:A career counselor can be your best friend at this stage of your life. Career counselors are professionally trained people who work to help you find the answer to the above questions. They will work with you all the way to assist you in making the best decision for yourself. They will also help you align your interests, talents, and personality with your next possible career.
  1. Try it out!:At times, people hurriedly make a career switch and start doing the job they love only to find out that it is just “not right” because of some reason or the other. Other than doing your research and preparing your best, real-life experience in the field might give you a better perspective of the career in question. Why not do an internship or volunteer for free? You are sure to find out a lot about the field of interest even before you make it a final choice.
  1. Don’t go for the Greens:If you are really interested and passionate about a certain job, you shouldn’t and wouldn’t care too much about the money you make. If money is of prime importance, then I’d suggest you drop the idea of your doing your dream job. There is almost always a conflict of interest between the two motives.  I’m not saying your dream job will necessarily be low paying, but in any new profession, it does take time before you can stack a towering level of cash.
  1. Don’t take too long to ponder:Very often, I see people who recognize their need to make a switch, but they don’t do anything about it. They know they hate their job, they know they would give anything to be doing another, and they spend nights at work wondering about how to do it. The mistake they make? Obviously, not doing enough to actually DO something about it!

Wasting your time just thinking over it won’t get you anywhere. After a sufficient amount of time has been dedicated to research, go ahead! What are you waiting for?

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Madeleine is an academic consultant and an author who mostly writes on education, leadership and social sharing posts.

By Madeleine Allan
Madeleine Allan