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going global

Are you searching for an internship for this summer? Or a job when you graduate? Have you utilized the great resources UConn’s Center for Career Development has for you? I wish I knew about resources such as these when I was looking for internships and jobs as an undergraduate.

There are some wonderful National Search Engines we recommended that you use. There are also some Industry and Niche Specific tools I highly encourage you to view and utilize. Some of these search engines are partnerships, or paid subscriptions, that UConn arranges just for you. Read our website closely to locate the username & password for your use. Here is a quick sample of those great resources:

  • Going Global, accessed through HuskyCareerLink, is a special database containing over 16 million worldwide internship and job postings. This database is focused on international positions, which are important in a global economy, including positions abroad as well as domestic positions with an international focus.
  • Internships and jobs in Liberal Arts through com. This resource specifically focuses on positions for the liberal arts majors who often are not sure what great positions they can hold with their degrees. Please explore! See this page for username and password.
  • Opportunities in Public Affairs contains job listings for Capitol Hill positions; government affairs, legislative, and policy positions; public relations, communications, and fundraising positions; research, writing, and journalism positions; and internships. See this page for username and password.
  • International Career Employment Weekly is an online weekly newsletter with internship and job opportunities both abroad and domestic with an international focus. Check back weekly! See this page for username and password. You can also visit here for their main page which includes Hot Jobs Today and some content available without a subscription.
  • Team Work Online is a database specifically for those interested in sport-related careers. The website is broken down by specific sports and other related areas and our students get MVP access! See this page for username and password.

Take some time soon to explore the opportunities within these resources. If you are still unsure about what kind of internship or job you are looking for, come meet with a Career Consultant between 12pm and 4pm Monday through Friday at the Center for Career Development, Wilbur Cross, Room 202 for walk-in meetings. If you found an internship or job you want to apply for, bring two copies of your résumé to the Center for Career Development between 10am and 5pm Monday through Friday and have it critiqued by one of our staff members. Good luck with your search!

By Christina Harney
Christina Harney Graduate Assistant Christina Harney