How to Recover From an Interview Blunder

Mistakes are a fact of life, even during the job search. When interview blunders happen, they can seem like the end of the world – but you’re in luck – they don’t need to be! If you make a mistake during an interview, your recovery can make all the difference. Remember these tips for these three interview blunders

You’re Running Late

Interviewing 101: Never arrive late. It results in a bad first impression. However, things can happen that are out of your control. If you are running late to your interview, call the hiring manager, so he/she isn’t waiting for you in the lobby. When you arrive, don’t offer a lame excuse. Sincerely apologize and calm yourself down.

You Say Something Unprofessional

If you accidently swear or say something else unprofessional, don’t dwell on it. Apologize and keep talking. Any awkward silence will make the slip of the tongue seem much worse.

You Blank

You practiced thoughtful responses to common interview questions and have been gracefully answering your interviewer, but then she throws you a curve ball. You panic, blank and spit out some jumbled response. Take a deep breath, clear your head and ask to restate your response.

Hiring managers know you’re human and blunders are going to happen, so remember this advice in case a mistake happens during your next interview and get back on track.

By Kaitlin Nickrent
Kaitlin Nickrent