Graduating College in May? Tips For a Successful Final Push in School

May will be here before we know it! Graduation is approaching with the “Real World” following. For graduating seniors, it’s an exciting and scary time. You worked hard these last four years, so finish your college experience strong by doing these things:

Add Job Searching to Your Daily Routine

The job market is still tough for new grads. A number of seniors won’t graduate with a job secured. In fact, this time last year, 83 percent of graduating seniors said they didn’t have a job lined up, despite 72.7 percent reporting they were actively looking for one.* The job search is a long process and can become frustrating. However, you need to bite the bullet and give it your best shot. Make time for job searching each day on the boards or networking. Also, don’t rule out post-grad internships, as they are an awesome way to get your foot in the door of your dream company.

Collect References

During your college years, you have worked with many professors, internship supervisors, peers, etc. These people can speak firsthand to your skills, so why not ask them to be references? With a brief email or phone call, simply state you’re job searching and you were wondering if he/she would be comfortable becoming a reference. You can also take it one step further and request a public reference to bolster your LinkedIn profile.

Seek Advice

You have not graduated yet, so you still have a lot of campus resources at your fingertips. Have a professor read over your resume and cover letter, or practice interviewing with your college’s career services center. It would be silly not to take advantage of these resources while you still can.

Spend Time with Your Friends

With all your real world preparation, we wanted to remind you to make the most of your remaining time on campus with your friends. Truly, college is an once-in-a-lifetime experience, and you cannot get this time back. While you’re focused on successfully launching yourself into the real world, also make time to enjoy your friends. The job search is tough, and your friends are a great support system.

But Remember, School Isn’t Over Yet

The school part of college is not over, so still go to class and study hard for upcoming finals. You have worked hard for your GPA, and you wouldn’t want to tank it in the final stretch!

College is a great four years! You have worked hard, so it’s time to start enjoying the fruits of your labor. Remember this advice as you wrap up, and best of luck!


By Kaitlin Nickrent
Kaitlin Nickrent