Student Success Story: Jaclyn Fisher

Jaclyn Fisher

Major: Allied Health Sciences

Minor(s): Biology and Psychology

Class Standing: Senior

What interests you about your major?

I love how broad the Allied Health Sciences major is. I was able to tailor my undergraduate career to my interests; I chose all the science and health courses I knew would be interesting or beneficial for my future career.  That is actually how I ended up with a double minor in biology and psychology!

You’ve been accepted to Yale’s GEPN program this fall; can you tell us a little about that?

Yale’s GEPN program is a graduate nursing program that will allow me to become an RN after one year and then immediately transition to advanced practice nursing so I can ultimately become a Nurse Practitioner. The program overall will take me about three years, and upon completion I will be a Family Nurse Practitioner. There aren’t many programs in the country that allow this immediate transition to advanced practice nursing, so I am thrilled to be accepted and attending the program this fall!

What was the process like applying for grad school? When did you start the process of looking and applying? What steps did you have to take?

I started doing research on potential nursing schools the spring of my junior year. Then, I went to information sessions and tours over the summer to see which schools/hospitals I could see myself in. Applying to graduate school was very challenging because every school requires a different essay, different undergraduate courses, letters of recommendation, and has different application due dates. I had to be very organized to keep track of it all!

How has the Center for Career Development (CCD) helped you in achieving your career and educational goals?

The CCD has definitely helped me achieve my goals, especially while applying to graduate school and preparing for interviews.  Paul Gagnon, a career consultant at the CCD, helped me through every step of the application process to Yale. He looked over my resume, personal essay, and also helped me practice for the interview. He definitely helped bolster my application and my confidence. He is amazing!

You’ve also volunteered with Husky Programs, Bridgeport Hospital, and St. Joseph’s Manor. What marketable skills did you obtain from these experiences?

I wanted to gain hands-on experience in different areas of health, so I volunteered as an EMT and also provided health education in preschools and medical clinics in our community. Through these opportunities I gained experience communicating and working with different populations, knowing it would help me in the future when I am treating patients of all ages. These experiences also helped me realize that this was the correct career path for me, because I loved every minute of it!

Are you involved in anything else on or off campus that you would like to talk about?

Getting involved in research on campus and being a Teaching Assistant for an Allied Health class also allowed me to gain leadership and other skills that are very marketable. Overall, my experiences helped me become a well-rounded candidate for graduate school, but I also know these skills will help me as a Nurse Practitioner.

How do you balance everything on top of a full course load?

Being organized and having time management skills are the keys to success! I was also lucky enough to spread out my hardest science classes throughout my four years, which allowed me to easily add in the research and other activities into my schedule.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Five years from now I will be a Family Nurse Practitioner! I am not sure if I want to open my own practice or not, but that is definitely a possibility. I am also not sure where I will be living…this winter was so brutal I might just have to move south! But the one thing I am sure of is that I will be a Family Nurse Practitioner…with a dog. I have always wanted a pug!

What has been your favorite part about being a UConn student?

My favorite part of being a UConn student is meeting so many motivated and supportive people. I am always meeting more classmates and professors who inspire me to get more involved and do my best! I am so thankful for that because it is with that motivation and determination that I got into my dream graduate school.

Based on your experiences, what advice would you give your fellow students?

My advice would be to try your hardest in everything, whether it is in your classes or other activities. Hard work will pay off and will be noticed eventually! And always follow your interests. I am still finding so many awesome opportunities here at UConn; I wish I never had to leave! Thankfully, my little brother still has three more years here, so I will be visiting a lot!

By Brittney Austin
Brittney Austin Communications Assistant