Spring Cleaning for your Career

Each spring, most of us get the itch to embark on some form of spring cleaning. Whether it is getting rid of old winter clothes, washing the car, and finally opening up those windows and letting some fresh air in. As students, you too engage in spring clean-up without realizing it perhaps…exchanging and selling old textbooks, cleaning out your dorm or apartment, and taking the time to go through old materials before the fall semester arrives. Why not think about your career in the same way?

During the spring and summer, it’s a great time to think about organizing and “cleaning up” documents and materials for career planning. Here’s a few tips to do just that:

1. Update your résumé with anything new that has happened during the past academic year or since the last time you made updates. Have it critiqued by the CCD – we are open all summer!

2. Look at your updated résumé, keeping in mind your future plans. Let it serve as your roadmap. Do you see gaps or shortfalls? Perhaps you have indicated lots of volunteer work, but have not yet acquired a leadership opportunity. Could this be an important next step moving into your senior year as you look to begin a job search in less than a year?

3. Evaluate your online presence? Have you developed a LinkedIn profile? How are your other social media sites looking? With more free time than during the academic year, it’s a great time to sit outside with a laptop making important changes and enhancements to your social media sites – both professional and personal ones. Utilize the infographic below as you dive into LinkedIn.


4. Set some goals and create an organizational system for sticking to your goals and give yourself deadlines. Document all the tasks – no matter how small they seem – that you need to take care of and accomplish to have yourself ready to move forward as soon as you arrive back at UConn. This can be as simple as researching graduate schools and making a list of those you want to apply to, then scheduling a Practice Interview by in order to begin preparing for interviews. Once you have a timeline in place, it will be that much easier and will feel less daunting.

No matter where “home” is this spring and summer, you have tools and resources at your fingertips on our website. Utilizing our resources will help jumpstart your “spring cleaning” no matter where you are in your career planning.

By Jennifer Grunwald
Jennifer Grunwald Career Consultant, School of Fine Arts