Summer and Fall Internships – Yours for the Taking

It is still possible to acquire an internship for summer 2015! It may only last 8-10 weeks, but that is considered a viable time period for an internship, for you to absorb some industry culture and do a project or two. You could be getting some great experience learning about an industry or career path, while also helping an employer achieve goals and complete tasks.
If you are looking to secure an opportunity for fall, upon your return to UConn, even more options exist, on and off campus. Here are some ideas to get you started:
1. Talk to everyone you know and let them know you are interested in finding an internship for the summer. Let your network (family, friends, teachers, advisors, supervisors, etc.) know of your intentions, as you never know who they know…
2. Make sure your résumé is current. You will need to adapt it for each position you seek, and it is much easier to update and tailor one that is current. See tips on the Center for Career Development’s Résumé and Professional Writing Guide. The career center is also open all summer for appointments, résumé critiques, etc. both over the telephone and in person.
3. Utilize networking websites like LinkedIn to generate interest in your profile, by having a strong profile. To get noticed, be sure your photo is professional, your header and summary are well crafted, and your skills are highlighted. Use the CCD LinkedIn Fact Sheet for more tips.
4. Identify websites that fit your interests and abilities. Avoid spending hours on the internet, as that often leads to a time warp. Instead, by selecting two or three sites that match you well, you can put your energy into the people relationship building aspect of the search.
a. – go to the Where to Find Opportunities Page and pick one or two of the national search engines, or select an industry or niche site. UConn has subscriptions for some; others are open to all.
b. A few of my favorites from the national page are: HuskyCareerLink, UConn’s exclusive site for students and alumni; InternshipFinder; and Campusjob. These and others have internships and/or co-op positions for summer and fall, local to CT and throughout the entire country.
c. On the Industry or Niche Specific page, you can search through some sites that are more specific to your interests and career focus. These are worth a second glance.
5. Consider an On-campus internship. UConn Storrs has over 30 departments on campus that offer internships and more are being cultivated over the summer. Changes are imminent on the website, with an On-campus internship button being added before the fall 2015 semester starts. Check back regularly for details.
If you have questions about finding an internship, strategizing yourself as a candidate, credit or anything else related to internships, call our office or email us at We want you to find that internship and start preparing for your future, today.

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