Acing Skype Interview Becomes A Piece Of Cake With These 7 Best Tips

Skype interviews have taken the entire interviewing process to the next level by increasing efficiency and decreasing costs of an interview for both companies and the candidates. Skype interviews have not only added convenience to interviewing but also made talent hunting easier by providing an opportunity to search for the right candidates throughout the world.

The concept of online interviews has been in the available for years but many job seekers still feel nervous and confused regarding their ability to ace a Skype interview with the recruiters. If you have just found out that you need to appear for an online interview soon, take a look at following essential tips:

  1. Look Into The Camera

Candidates, especially those who are appearing in a Skype interview for the first time, look into the screen instead of the camera. It may appear tempting to keep checking how you look throughout the interview but watching the camera is better for you as it will let interviewers see you better. Looking directly into the camera also reflects confidence.

  1. Dress Properly

Just because you can conduct in an interview right from your living room’s sofa, does not mean you can do so wearing a jeans and t-shirt. to maintain a professional look, you need to dress properly in a suit or business appropriate dress for any Skype interview. Prepare your dress the night before the interview, iron it, and make sure to appear exactly as if you were going for a walk-in interview.

  1. Find Yourself A Quiet Corner

Sometimes it becomes difficult to listen and concentrate on what the interviewer is asking if the place around you is noisy and full of interruptions. Instead of constantly asking the interviewer to repeat what he or she said, try to find a quiet place to sit.

  1. Practice, Practice And Practice

Practice does make perfect. Practicing for a Skype interview is could include conducting a mock interview with a friend from anywhere in the world who can help you practice. Without wasting any time after you receive an interview date, get started on practicing and also ask your friends for feedback of your performance during practice sessions.

  1. Shut All Other Windows

Focus on the interview only and while removing other physical distractions from your room, shut all other windows on your computer except Skype. If you keep other windows open, their notifications might disturb you during the interview and they may also make the internet slow.

  1. Lighting And Background

Make sure to keep your room clean if you are planning to appear for Skype interview from your room. A messy background gives out an impression to the recruiters about your organizational skills and personal hygiene. If you find it impossible to clean your room before interview, then find a suitable place for Skype interview elsewhere.

  1. Interruption-Free Internet Connection

The best thing you can do to ruin your Skype interview is find yourself a slow internet connection. Constant voice issues, interruptions, and stuck images on-screen distract the interviewers from content of the interview and they automatically lose interest in the candidate. So, it is best to get yourself a good and interruption-free internet connection before appearing for an interview.

All these tips are easy to adopt and surely help job seekers improve their chances of getting through Skype interviews. So, once you are done with creating a resume and sending it to the potential recruiters, start preparing for the interview right away and with consideration of all such tips.



Skornia Alison works as an advisor to the board of directors at Essay Valley. She is also a blogger by hobby who loves to explore trendy education topics in depth and share hers insights with people around the world. When not at her desk, she likes to get fully absorbed into reading her favorite novels.

By Skornia Alison
Skornia Alison