Say Yes!

In improvisational comedy, there is a rule called “yes..and” wherein whenever an actor throws you a scene on stage, no matter how wild or outlandish, you say yes AND then you add something else. This simple rule keeps a scene moving and allows for improv mates to trust one another, take risks, and continue the creative process. Translate this to college and the world beyond its borders, saying yes opens all kinds of doors to you.

So let me toss out a challenge to you, try it out in your life. Try having a reflexive yes, and you can see what happens! Let’s say you are currently out on internship or a summer job and someone you work with asks you if you want to sit in on a project meeting, say yes. Or if you are invited to either play on a softball team or come watch the company team play, say yes! These are great ways to get to know people, company culture, and true insider knowledge.

When you return to campus, challenge yourself to say yes to something new as well. Say there is a friend who has asked you to come to a club meeting, say yes! Perhaps you see a poster for a great panel presentation on a career you might be interested in, or for a networking event with alumni, say yes! Even if it is not the perfect fit for you, it will build personal momentum for you and help you meet more people, growing your network.

Saying yes will open you to possibility and it will show others you are that person that wants to be there. This energy is contagious, and it is something that is an intangible that will help you stand out from the rest. Imagine the stories you will have for a job interview when by saying yes you got to experience something incredible that your fellow interns who just went home or just went out to lunch as a group of college students missed! In a competitive market, every little bit helps, and saying yes will give you that advantage.

By Michael Petro
Michael Petro Assistant Director, Internal Relations Michael Petro