Starting a Career in the Staffing Industry


The staffing industry has become one of the fastest growing industries in the US, and especially popular with recent college grads. Staffing companies can offer great career growth for their internal employees due to the growth of the industry, making it very appealing to those coming out of school. This year, the US staffing industry is predicted to grow by six percent, to reach a total market size of $115 billion by the end of the year, according to theStaffing Industry Analysts. This growth is expected to span across all specialties; from IT to healthcare to administration and everything in between. With so many choices, how do you decide which staffing company is the best fit for you?

The Industry

Be passionate about the sector of staffing you want to be in. As mentioned before, staffing spans across many different industries. Some of the top players expected for 2015 are healthcare and wellness, IT, finance, energy, and HR. With every specialty having its own benefits, it is important to choose a sector that you have a true passion for or would like to learn more about. This does not necessarily mean that you need to have experience in this industry, but that you have an interest in becoming part of it. The most successful people are those who love what they do!

Make sure the sector of staffing has a bright future. With so many staffing companies popping up each year, it is understandable that not all will be successful. First, it is important to make sure that the field of staffing you are looking into has growth in its future. For example, healthcare staffing is predicted to be a $10.9 billion dollar industry in 2015, with major growth in the locums tenens area specifically. This makes healthcare one of the frontrunners of the staffing industry and a great place to start a career.

The Company

Along with the industry as a whole, it is important to make sure the company itself has potential. How fast has it grown to get to where it is now? How much growth is expected over the next year? Over the next five years? These are all questions you should ask during the interview to make sure you are choosing a company that you will be able to grow with. Make sure the company infrastructure is organized in a way that appeals to you. This doesn’t always mean bigger is better though. A smaller company with more potential for growth can be a better career investment than a massive corporation that has already plateaued.

The Opportunity

Find out about the growth and evolution of the position. You know that the industry and company are in a great place, but does the same go for the position you would be working in? It is important to find out information on how the company structures itself. Some companies hire entry-level employees and promote from within, while others hire more tenured people in an effort to build teams under them immediately. Ask about the tenured employees and their experience at the company. For example, at Barton, we hire entry-level employees who then grow into our management, which makes all of our growth organic. Learn about how the successful people at the company have done that and decide if that is something you can see yourself doing as a career.

Make sure the company has a commission structure you are comfortable with. Compensation structure can vary greatly amongst staffing companies. Do your research to learn what type best suits you and what you want to get out of it. Do you want a high base salary with capped commissions, or would you prefer a smaller base with the ability to have uncapped commissions? Every company offers something different and it is important to be with a company that can offer you a plan that you are most comfortable with.

The staffing industry has seen immense growth over the past years and has solidified itself in the market as a great place to begin a career.  If you are interested in exploring a career in staffing, using these tips will help to make sure you are making the best decision for you!


By Casee Laznick
Casee Laznick Talent Acquisition & Social Media Specialist