Hidden Gems III- “Industries search tool on LinkedIn”

When it comes to career and internship search, don’t get caught in the trap of just applying to whatever you happen to stumble across in all of the obvious places. That’s right, I’m talking about Indeed, CareerBuilder, or anywhere else that the majority of your competition is hanging out. This blog post isn’t about job search, but a (very) hidden area in LinkedIn that you can use in your job or internship search.

The location of this hidden gem is here and it’s not a terrible idea to bookmark the link near all of your other job search bookmarks, you overachiever, you! I’m not sure where this page is linked to on the site, but it was given to me by an employee at LinkedIn and I think you’ll agree it’s pretty powerful.

Let’s back up for a second. Why should you care about industries? In your job or internship search you will find the process much easier if you start with industries, then identify companies within those industries, and then search for opportunities (or people) in those companies instead of starting your search with positions or job titles. Trust.

Back to this hidden gem. So maybe you would like to get into the field of Health, Wellness and Fitness. Well shoot, there’s a link for that here! It’s under the heading Recreation, Travel, and Entertainment. Once you click on it you will see a bunch of companies that fall under that industry. If you want to elevate your job search game, try setting a filter to cut out all of the huge companies; maybe search for companies that have 11-50 employees. Now, under the Location filter add “Hartford, Connecticut Area” and uncheck United States. Do any of these companies look like awesome places to work? Add them to your list of target companies. Heck, you can even click “Similar” under these companies to see who the company competes with.

You really can get nuts with this tool. Within any of the companies, you can view the employees who are on LinkedIn and then filter to determine which ones went to UConn- those are your new friends. For more job and internship strategies, make an appointment to meet with an Career Consultant- we know all sorts of good tricks.

By Eran Peterson
Eran Peterson Assistant Director, Career Coaching and Counseling Eran Peterson