How An International Internship Can Boost Your Career

Students today live in exciting times when universities and corporations worldwide are vying for the best talents. This is the age of globalization and young people — with their boundless energy and potential — have the world as their oyster. Unfortunately, many students dismiss studying or interning abroad for different reasons. Some feel uncomfortable with the idea of venturing in a foreign land. Some think that such possibilities are not for them. It also does not help that going abroad, more often than not, is associated with huge expenses.

While going abroad does come with a price, know that the best time to do it is while you’re still in school. According to Diversity Abroad, there are many opportunities for undergraduate students who just need to take advantage of these. From student discounts to scholarships and  financial aids, you have plenty of options, whether you choose to study or intern abroad. Moreover, a global internship will give you the lessons and insights that you need to pursue  a successful career and a fulfilling life. Here are 12 reasons why you should consider applying for an international internship.


  1. Getting Ahead Of The Competition

Photo Courtesy of blickpixel via Pixabay

Photo Courtesy of blickpixel via Pixabay

With universities all over America producing thousands of graduates each year, you need something that will set you apart. One of the foremost advantages of interning abroad is the edge that global internships give you in the job hunt. As Intern Group founder David Lloyd said, employers put premium on young people who go out of their comfort zones and develop a global mindset, thanks to their international internships.


  1. Developing Valuable Skills

You’ll need more than excellent grades to face the real world after you graduate. Things like leadership ability, communication skills, flexibility, and so on matter a lot in any field. This is why global internships are great opportunities — you get to use your existing skills, improve on them, and learn new ones in a different setting where you are on your toes.


  1. Gaining Proficiency In A Foreign Language

Using a foreign language with ease goes beyond impressing your peers or exuding an erudite appeal. More than anything, learning a foreign language opens many doors for you. You become qualified for more positions. You are able to communicate with more people. You get to enjoy more literary works and movies. The list goes on.


  1. Immersing Yourself In Cultural Diversity

Photo Courtesy of BlueOlive via Pixabay

Photo Courtesy of BlueOlive via Pixabay

Going abroad is a leap of faith as it pushes you to encounter things that you are not used to. However, it is amazing how international internships give you the chance to experience and appreciate other cultures without using your own as a yardstick. With a deeper understanding of other cultures, you learn how to respect different people, making you a better person.


  1. Learning From Other Countries

Working as an intern abroad lets you see how other people do things differently. This is especially true with countries that specialize in your chosen track. For instance, fashion design enthusiasts will hugely benefit from international internships in fashion capitals like France or Italy.


  1. Pursuing Other Interests

The time that you spend abroad while on your internship can give you the freedom to pursue your other interests. Visit museums and libraries. Satisfy the foodie in you with the local cuisine. Learn how to play a musical instrument in the land where classical music was born. Exploring your passion also gives you the healthy work-life balance that you need to succeed.


  1. Getting Perspectives Through Travelling

Photo Courtesy of PublicDomainArchive via Pixabay

Photo Courtesy of PublicDomainArchive via Pixabay

From preparing for trips to arriving at destinations that you used to see only in photos, travelling makes you a well-rounded person with the myriad of experiences. Seeing what the world has to offer will make you realize that you are just a speck in the universe, and this will help you evaluate your life.


  1. Living On Your Own

Going on an international internship is an amazing step towards being a responsible adult. Aside from making your meals and doing your laundry, being left to your own devices helps you re-evaluate your priorities and goals. You not only become independent, you also toughen up especially when you have no family in the country where you will intern.


  1. Managing Your Finances

As mentioned earlier, studying and interning abroad cost a lot of money. But instead of letting this intimidate you, take it as a challenge for you to maximize your resources. Aside from financial assistance available to students, you will do best with a smart approach to money. Deal responsibly with your needs and wants. Find ways to stretch your allowance.


  1. Building Connections

Photo Courtesy of Nappiness via Pixabay

Photo Courtesy of Nappiness via Pixabay

It pays to take heed of what people say: It’s not what you know, but who you know. You need all the help that you can get while you are starting to carve your niche in this world. The friends that you make could be your support system. The supervisor that you have could be the mentor that you need. The colleagues that you encounter could lead you to your ideal career.


  1. Gaining Confidence

Thanks to the skills that you will master, the lessons that you will learn, and the interactions that you will experience, you will find yourself more confident than ever. A healthy level of confidence does a young person wonders: you will cultivate a go-getter attitude and you will believe in yourself as you set your goals.


  1. Becoming A Wonderful Resource For Others

Photo Courtesy of Sprachschuleaktiv via Pixabay

Photo Courtesy of Sprachschuleaktiv via Pixabay

Bright minds fail to  realize their full potential when false information and doubts cloud the best opportunities. Experiencing a global internship yourself helps you uncover the truth behind study abroad myths. In addition to being able to advise other young students, you may even give them the inspiration that they need. After all, you know how it feels to be undecided about international internships, so once you are done with your internship abroad, you can confidently tell them to take the plunge.


It is understandable to have reservations about international internships. However, you should consider numerous  amazing opportunities. Pursuing a global internship may be hard, but you will be glad that you did.

By Angelique Chloe Luna
Angelique Chloe Luna