How to Find an On-Campus Internship That’s Right for You

When you think of the term “internship,” what is the first thing that comes to mind? My guess is that you find yourself in the middle of some familiar company, where you are assisting those in your field of your choice on a major project and learning the tricks of the trade in your desired line of work. But did you know that internship opportunities for students aren’t limited to the job market outside of campus? In fact, you have the chance to take part in an internship here in Storrs during the school year and even in the summer. Most students don’t realize it, but On-Campus Internships can be found in a multitude of different departments. From administrative, to student organizations, to the favorite campus life locations, the possibilities are a lot more pertinent than you may think. You’re even reading about one right now; that’s right, you’re reading an article written by a sophomore CSE student who doubles as an Experiential Learning Intern at the Center for Career Development. Surprise!

With the idea of On-Campus Internships in mind, you may be wondering what the best way is to find positions on campus. There are multiple ways you can do just that, but here are a few to get you started:

  1. Ask around Close to Home: Think about some of the organizations or offices that you use on a regular basis. Maybe you are someone who enjoys the wonder of natural history, or a business major looking to gain experience in an office setting. The type of places that could tailor these needs or desires are the type of places you should be looking at first. So, the history aficionado could look into internships at the State Museum of Natural History on campus (which you can actually do because they are offering a great internship opportunity at the moment), and the business major can check out office setting jobs in places like the Alumni Association, Human Resources, or even here at the Center for Career Development. Building connections are an important part of getting a position you desire, and if there’s somebody you know well that works in a department that you use regularly and you feel you would enjoy, then don’t be afraid to ask them if they offer internships.
  2. Research Positions Online: The Internet is the fastest and easiest way to find valuable On-Campus Internships currently being offered, and there are multiple places online where you could go to see what’s available, with some paid opportunities being highlighted on UConn’s Student Employment website, and all kinds of opportunities being added to HuskyCareerLink each and every day. It’s also a pretty good excuse to update your résumé to make it appealing in a mostly anonymous stack of applications.
  3. Check Out our Presentation: Don’t feel like you have strong enough connections to get a position somewhere? Want to get the upper hand by communicating with departments face to face? We can help you with that! The CCD is hosting a presentation on On-Campus Internships on October 5th in Laurel Hall 301, where you can meet some of the departments that offer positions, hear from past student interns about their experiences, and learn about the different ways you can locate them. You’ll soon come to realize that the perfect internship opportunity for you is a lot closer than you think.