5 Tips for Approaching Employers at the Career Fair!

The fall career fair hosted by the Center for Career Development here at UConn are coming up on the 29th and 30th of September. These career fairs are fantastic resources for all students at the university. But – let’s face it – they can be awkward. Follow my few simple tips on how to approach employers at the career fairs and you will be sure to make a strong connection.

  1. Look the Part
    Wear business formal attire and make sure your hair, facial hair and nails are properly groomed. It pretty much goes without saying that you should be clean and showered.
  2. Have Good Body Language
    Smile and breathe when you’re talking. Shake their hand firmly but don’t try to harm them. Make eye contact with the person in front of you. Stand up straight but don’t be too rigid – keep the best posture that you can.
  3. Introduce Yourself
    Have a quick 20-30 second opening introduction planned. Don’t make it wordy, but be sure to include your name (yeah – some people forget that part), your major, your year, and if you’re seeking an internship or full time position. If you have an uncommon major/multiple-major/dual-degree, add a few seconds to give them a quick description of what you’re studying.
  4. Hand them your Polished Resume
    Physically put your resume in their hand. Don’t put it on their table. Make sure they give it a once over while you’re in front of them. If you need help making your resume stronger, please, please, please stop by the Center for Career Development to have a quick 20 minute critique with one of our Career Interns. Our office is in Wilbur Cross, Room 202, or call 860-489-3013.
  5. Ask Questions
    Aim to ask industry-specific questions that show you at least know a little bit about their particular organization, or the industry as a whole. A great way to prepare for this would be to research some companies you’d like to talk to before you arrive at the fair. This is a great way to show your interest and also work in some of your own knowledge.

Finally, after you get that interview request, stop by the Center for Career Development here on campus to do a practice interview or speak to a career consultant to discuss different career paths!