5 Steps to Post-Career Fair Success

So you just killed it at the Career Fair and you’re super excited about possible job and internship experiences coming your way. Want to make an even bigger impact on those employers? Follow up!


  1. Send a thank-you: Most people aren’t going to follow up with an employer after the career fair. Sending them an email thanking them for their time reinforces for the employer how interested you are in the position and it may push you ahead of other candidates. So don’t forget to ask for a business card at the career fair so you’ll have their information.


  1. Show Passion: When crafting your follow-up email, you don’t want to be fake. Recruiters interact with students all the time, so they can tell when someone is genuinely interested in their company versus when they’ve sent the same email to dozens of other employers. You want to show them that you have a passion for their company and that specific job, not that you’ll take any job you can get! Try to site something specific that you discussed during the career fair to show your interest and to also remind them of who you are. They will appreciate that you took time to follow up with a meaningful email rather than wasting their time.


  1. Follow Directions: If the recruiter gave you instructions to apply online to a position or to contact another recruiter, make sure to do that! This is another step that shows how serious you are about that organization and position.


  1. Be Prompt: Recruiters start sorting through résumés very soon after a career fair, so following-up early is important so they don’t forget about you! You should send your email 24-48 hours after the career fair. This shows ambition and passion for the position, the earlier the better!


  1. Check your grammar: Even the most beautifully worded email will look juvenile if it is filled with grammatical errors! Make sure to triple check your email before your send it. You don’t want to undo a great impression at the career fair with a simple spelling mistake.