The International Internship: An Unexpected Journey

I want you to picture yourself in a place somewhere around the world that you want to visit in your lifetime, anywhere at all. Now, when I tell you that going to a place like this is very possible during your time here at UConn, what comes to mind? Studying abroad for a semester? Maybe a volunteer opportunity with UConn’s Alternative Breaks? But what about internships? You heard right, it is actually possible to gain valuable work experience while in college in locations all across the world. You thinking what I’m thinking?

An adventure is definitely a way to describe it, but in all seriousness, the benefits of doing an internship abroad really make it worthwhile! Not only would an opportunity like this bring a certain uniqueness to your resume and employment profile, but you will gain language skills and multicultural experience, all with the benefits of gaining educational & workplace experiences that come with an internship.

An international internship is also an excellent tool as an ice breaker for interviews you may have after your internship experience. Talking to potential employers can be a nerve wracking affair, and if you’re like me and believe in the power of friendly conversation during your interview to help lighten the mood and boost your morale in the situation, there is no better thing than to hear your interviewer come out with something along the lines of: “Wow, you worked in Europe for three months? That must’ve been a blast!” You have the opportunity to have a good conversation about your experience abroad. Maybe your interviewer has been there before and you can exchange notes on the experiences and sights you both may have seen, and if not, you can still intrigue him or her with some of your experiences. Either way, it will leave you feeling satisfied, and will leave your interviewer thinking…


So how can you find such a unique and eye-opening experience such as this one? There many ways of going about that. The Education Abroad Office here on campus has trips for credit that have internship components to them, and can provide you with the most reliable sources for internship opportunities. You’re not limited to programs directly from UConn, however. There are a multitude of third party organizations online that can hook you up with an international internship that fits your dream location and career field, or even opportunities you may find from a random search or through one of your connections.  You can find more about these organizations through the Center for Career Development’s website. The possibilities are really endless!

Find out more about International Internships, their guidelines, and how to find them in a reliable, effective way. Who knows? Maybe it’s the first step in your very own adventure. Your destiny is waiting for you, young one!