Taking Career Development Knowledge and Instruction Directly into the Classroom

For many years the Center for Career Development (CCD) has provided students and alumni with an array of tools, technologies and information to aid in the career development and management process. Primarily accomplished through extracurricular workshops, meetings and interventions in one-on-one settings with students as well as via online resources, the CCD functions as a knowledge and learning center within the confines of a very large university. Over the years the CCD, with the support and encouragement of increasing number of faculty, has made inroads into delivering presentations in live class settings, thereby bringing the Center’s vast toolkit directly into the day-to-day learning environment. For example, in the College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources thus far during the fall 2015 semester, 16 instructors have registered with the CCD to devote an entire class session to enable the CCD to make presentations to their students on a wide range of career development and management topics including résumé writing, interviewing, preparing for graduate school, using LinkedIn and job/internship search tactics among others.

Anecdotal evidence suggests this practice of integrating career management learning within the daily classroom experience is becoming more widely utilized at colleges nationwide. It is both encouraging and helpful that the early adopters of this practice among our faculty here at UConn are discussing with their colleagues their experiences – pro and con – concerning efforts of bringing career development knowledge directly into the classroom. That is because some national career development data indicate the earlier and more frequently in their college careers that students are exposed to career planning knowledge and instruction, the more likely they are to make effective use of and incorporate that knowledge into their career management effort. Thus, establishing a strong collaboration between the CCD and faculty is a potentially important support mechanism in the future success of students as they embark on their chosen career path or pursue further education. That is because students trust and rely on their instructors to make good choices on the material that is introduced in the classroom. Faculty that recognize the value of the career development information imparted to their students by the CCD help support the Center’s mission within the confines of their classroom and this trend appears to be gaining some traction. The CCD thank those faculty that share this valuable resource with their colleagues, and thereby serve as an inspiration to others to utilize the CCD as one of the key arrows in their quiver of teaching and mentoring.

If faculty would like to have a member of the CCD deliver a career development and management presentation to their students, simply complete the form provided at this link and a member of the CCD staff will coordinate the process with you. Thank you for thinking of and utilizing the CCD in your didactic planning for this semester and beyond.

By Paul Gagnon
Paul Gagnon Career Consultant, College of Agriculture, Health, and Natural Resources Paul Gagnon