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Considering a career in marketing? Check out the following interview alumna with Karen Glass ’89, S.V.P., Marketing Planning & Integration, Citizens Bank and relevant resources to get started exploring marketing related career opportunities.

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Alumni Insights

Karen Glass ‘89
S.V.P., Marketing Planning & Integration, Citizens Bank
Major: Communications
LinkedIn URL:

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Why did you decide to pursue a career in marketing?
I have always been intrigued by the role that Marketing plays in a consumer’s relationship with a product or service. Marketers are stewards of brands, which are representative of the entire customer experience. I enjoy my role in Marketing as I get to be the liaison between the consumer and the internal company teams in operations, research, and development and work to integrate all of these disciplines into a cohesive and effective brand strategy.

What are the current trends affecting your industry?
The rapid expansion of Mobile is having a tremendous impact on how Marketers reach consumers. It’s estimated that the average American consumer is spending close to three hours a day with cell phones, tablets and now even wearables. Marketers need to shift their approach and their messaging to these smaller screens where the relationship between the customer and the brand can become more personal.

Hand in hand with the Mobile trend is content collaboration – customers are contributing to content and playing a more active role in brand building. These customers want more engagement from brands and are looking for those that create real value.

Do you need a specific educational background to enter this career?
Marketing represents the voice of the consumer within an organization and this responsibility can play out in a variety of roles. While no specific educational background is needed, I have found that the education and skills that a liberal arts degree provides works well in this industry. The ability to clearly communicate is imperative as you need to ensure that your colleagues are well versed in customer expectations and perceptions of the brand. The interaction you have with many different disciplines within the organization means that the ability to work in a team structure is also critical.

Any additional advice you would share with current UConn students?
Network, network, network. It really isn’t as intimidating as it seems because we actually network with people all the time. The term “networking” seems far scarier than it needs to be because we tie it to job prospects and put tremendous pressure on ourselves. Think of networking more like connecting with someone over a common interest (fellow students in class, members of organizations you belong to, co-workers at any jobs you have). When you connect in these areas, you build a relationship and these people become your network.

I also highly recommend that students take advantage of the excellent career related sessions offered each semester by the Student Alumni Association and CLAS Student Leadership Board, as they provide exposure to alumni professionals in less pressured settings. By having a broad network, students are more likely to find key connections when it comes time to pursue their post-graduation careers.

Relevant Articles

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Industry Job Boards

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Brand Republic – Center for Communication
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Professional Associations

American Marketing Association
Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals
Sales and Marketing Executives International
Society for Marketing Professional Services
The Ad Club
The Ad Council
The Association for Women in Communications

The UConn Center for Career Development does our best to share up to date, relevant resources; however the CCD does not specifically endorse any of these sites. Before joining an organization, investing in classes, or utilizing a placement agency be sure to check its credentials through additional sources.

By Emily Merritt
Emily Merritt Career Consultant, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Emily Merritt