Job Search Tricks and Treats!

With fall upon us already, many students are already thinking about summer internships or the full time job hunt. Don’t get scared by the job hunt, use these tricks (and treats) to prepare for and begin your search.

  1. Get your Pumpkins in a Row – Prepare
    Before you can start knocking on company’s door asking for a job, you must first determine the field, industry and geographic region which you would like to work. Look into joining professional associations or clubs related to your intended career field. Inform people within your network (friends, family, advisors, supervisors, faculty, etc.) that you are seeking career-related work.
  2. Gather Ingredients for your Magic Potion – Material Gathering
    In order to apply for the jobs within the industry that you have now identified, you will need to have a few “ingredients” on hand. These may include a résumé, cover letter, at few professional references, transcripts or writing samples. After you have created your first draft of your résumé use the Center for Career Development to get it reviewed.
  3. Unmasking Opportunities – Identifying Jobs
    Now that you know the type of role that you are looking for, and you have your materials, it is time to find the job for you! Look for many opportunities in HuskyCareerLink, internet search engines, job posting sites, company websites, and professional association websites. This is also a great time to reach out to individuals from your personal network as these may lead to “hidden” opportunities. Check out LinkedIn (after updating your profile) to see if you are connected to people within companies or industries that you are interested in working.
  4. Knock-Knock on the Door – Applying for Positions
    Make a list of the application materials required materials for the roles which you have found to apply to. Keep track of deadlines, application sent dates and contacts if applicable. Research the companies which you have applied and follow-up with organization via email of phone approximately two weeks after applying.
  5. Sorting through your Treats – Next Steps
    Now that a few applications are out the door, it is important to continue sending out applications to companies you are interested in (there are new jobs posted continuously, and the more doors you knock on, the better the chances for replies). Follow-up with companies and employers which you have applied to and stay in touch with your network and recommenders. Prepare your “costume” of professional interview attire prepared and sign up for a practice interview with the Center for Career Development.

While the job search can seem spooky, the more you prepare, the less ghoulish it becomes. Follow the five tricks above and you are sure to be rewarded with job treats!

By Erin Jouliot
Erin Jouliot Careers for the Common Good (CCG) Graduate Assistant Erin Jouliot