Getting Recognition for Your Internship

Are you looking for a notation on your transcript for an internship you are going to take part in? Yet, you don’t need any additional academic credit? There is actually a class here at the University of Connecticut that you can enroll in that takes care of just that! It’s called UNIV 1981, and it’s a zero-credit, transcript notation course run by the Center for Career Development in order for students to be recognized for an internship that they complete during the semester. It’s a great option for anyone doing an internship during the year, so let me take some time to answer some frequently asked questions about this class.

What kind of work is involved in this course? Since it is a zero credit course, you do not have to deal with any additional class time during the week. All that is required are a few tasks that you complete over the course of your internship experience. They include a list of five different assignments that you and your employer will go through as your experience goes on, mostly reporting on the expectations of the internship, how they can be met, and simply reflecting on the experience as a whole.

What kind of internship is required? This works for any internship experience you engage in for 8-10 hours per week for 8-12 weeks (typically during an academic semester or summer break) that offers educational benefits, which can include networking, mentoring, or job shadowing. Further information can be found here. Each internship will be considered individually to determine their eligibility.

Are there any prerequisites to this class? There are no prerequisites in terms of classes, but there are some guidelines. You must have a 2.0 GPA or above and you must have your internship lined up BEFORE you apply. This class is open to all majors.

This sounds cool, how do I apply? If you have any further questions or want to apply to take part in this opportunity for the spring semester, you can e-mail us at and look for Beth Settje or Tina Harney. The online application to fill out for this class can be found here . So, if you need a way to build your transcript and professional resume, let UNIV 1981 help you get there!