Happy Fall Break!

Fall break could not have come any sooner! After a long semester of hard work we have an entire week to ourselves. We can finally take some time to catch up with friends, family, Netflix but most importantly work on steps that will make us better professionals.

Family or friends are a great way for you to start expanding your network. During the break you will spend lots of time with people you already know. Many of these people will have questions about how our semester is going. What your major is? Who are you dating? All of these questions are valid and you should not be afraid to answer them. Having these conversations allows you to maintain informal relationships, especially with people whose friendship can bring advantages such as job or business opportunities through networking.

Academic Networking is an idea you can think about before the semester ends. Administrators and faculty are a great for way for you to learn about a different a career path. These conversations can open doors to career opportunities, references and letters of recommendations. Many of these professionals have networks of their own that you can tap into once you have established rapport.

Learn more about your goals. During the break take some time to self-reflect this can help you gain a better understanding of goals that are guiding your educational journey. It is time to check off and celebrate the goals you have accomplished this semester. This break can allow you to create new goals based on the experiences you have had this semester.

Learn more about the career you want to pursue. It is a crucial to stay up to date with current issues occurring in the industry you plan to go into.


Build your personal brand. During this break take some time to think about who you really are and what you really want. Your experience, ideas, and ambitions evolve as your career develops so it is important to make sure your personal brand is keeping up.

Research internship or job opportunities for you to apply for. HuskyCareerLink is a CCD online resource you can use to search electronic job and internship postings and participate in on campus interviews.

Explore that various services LinkedIn provides. The development of a strong LinkedIn profile will shape your online presence to highlight your professional knowledge and interests that will, if utilized correctly, draw interest and appeal to employers searching for the right candidate.

Ask questions from the appropriate professionals who help guide you to be you need to be.

Keep focused we are almost at the end of the semester and it’s important to end strong!

By Jonathan Gomez
Jonathan Gomez Jonathan Gomez