Countdown to winter break!

The end of the semester is finally here, meaning that we can let the countdown to winter break begin!  Make the most of your count down by checking off our professional development count down list.


10 – Take ten minutes to reflect on your accomplishments this semester! Celebrate your successes and give yourself a much deserved pat on the back. WAY TO GO! You are awesome.

9 – Dust off that LinkedIn log-in and make nine new connections.  If you do not have a LinkedIn, take nine minutes to set one up and start building your network.  Think about professors, co-workers, peers and organization that you would like to connect with and follow.

8 – Grab a pencil and paper and write down eight things that you would like have in your ideal workplace.  Reflecting on what you like, and do not like, helps you identify the type of environment which would be best for you!

7- Check out what jobs or internships are out there.  Peruse the web and find seven positions that you are interested in. Check out the qualifications and see how they match your current skills; consider which skills may be beneficial to strengthen or gain.

6 – Craft six stellar bullet points for either work, volunteer or leadership experiences. Bullet points are your chance on a resume to explain not only what you did and why, but they allow you to demonstrate the skills that you used in different roles. Show off your experiences that you gained!

5 – Have a friend ask you five typical interview questions to test your interview readiness.  Felling comfortable interviewing takes practice, don’t be nervous!  The more you chat about your skills and experiences, the more prepared you will feel.

4 – Think of four individuals who you would consider using as professional references.  These could be professors, supervisors, volunteer coordinators or many others. Make sure that you keep in regular contact with these individuals as you never know when a good reference will be needed.

3 – Search for three organizations that you would love to work for.  Try to identify what you like about the organization and review their open positions to see if you are qualified for anything.  Start thinking about what steps would you have to take to work there.

2 – Go through your closet and find two professional outfits.  The spring career and internship fairs are right around the corner, and you never know when an interview will pop up!

1 – Have a one on one meeting with a career counselor, professor or mentor to start chatting about your professional development, and where you want to go!  They can offer great advice, inform you of opportunities, or just lend an ear.

0 – After prepping for break with this countdown, you should have zero worries about your next steps toward professional development!


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By Erin Jouliot
Erin Jouliot Careers for the Common Good (CCG) Graduate Assistant Erin Jouliot