Alumni Working for the Common Good

Having earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Allied Health Sciences with a concentration in Public Health and Health Promotion with minors in Political Science and Human rights, Sumia Hussain (class of 2015), began her career in common good just four months after graduating. Currently, a Partnerships Account Coordinator at MassChallenge, the world’s largest accelerators, having 128 startups in Boston and up to 100 in London. “The accelerator program utilizes a unique model to catalyze a startup renaissance by supporting high-impact and early stage entrepreneurs with no strings attached. I work in the business development connecting our entrepreneurs with our sponsors”, said Hussain.

Naming only a few startups such as CAKE, Encore Alert, and HIVE Biosystems, MassChallenge has helped many startup companies serve the common good. As stated on their website, MassChallenge’s vision is to provide additional support to those who are inspired to strive for a better tomorrow and maximizing their impact.

As a UConn alumni, Hussain credits much of her achievements to the ample opportunities that she had while enrolled as an undergraduate student. “I got a lot out of working with my advisors and mentors in the Honors Program, the Human Rights Institute, Student Activities, etc. because I was not afraid to ask for help and guidance when needed. I was lucky to have wonderful advisors, such as Maryann Morris, Dr. Copenhaver and Shareen Hertel, who all helped shape my academic experience as well as my professional career goals”, said Husain.

Taking as much advantage of all the resources that UConn had to offer, Hussain encourages current UConn students to participate in many activities as one can while they have these opportunities at reach. Unbeknownst to many students, the opportunities at UConn through programs such as the Human Rights Institute and Careers for the Common Good are endless and can be accessed with just a visit to the Human Rights Institute and Careers for the Common Good website. For anyone who is interested in pursing the same career path as Hussain, she leaves this little piece of advice to students who wish to have a career in the common good: “I am lucky to be working for an organization like MassChallenge that helps entrepreneurs win. I would recommend that students follow their passions and work hard. You do not need to have every aspect of your life planned out and to always know the next step–just be open to and take advantage of new opportunities. The dots will connect eventually along the way.”

By Moury Khan
Moury Khan